Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ORANGE you glad we have Sam?

What a bad mommy! It's been over a week since Sam's birthday and I haven't blogged. Well, he'll have middle child syndrome for sure! Sam loves two things more than anything else in the world right now: balloons and the color orange. So we had lots of balloons around and, of course, lots of orange! I tried to think of a bunch of orange foods and came up with a few that went well with the only things Sam wanted for his dinner (hot dogs and watermelon). We even tried to wear orange.

Here's just a few pictures from the party. I think the kids had fun. There was a treasure hunt that ended in the attic.

Can I just say I think my boy is handsome? Some poor girl out there will be blinded by his dimples and dark eyes and not know what a troll he can be until it's too late!

Okay, here goes. It's the quintessential reason's I love Sam...
S-Smile. He knows when to use it to his best advantage.
A-Adventurous. Likes to think he's bigger than he is. It's scary.
M-Momma's boy. He'll grow out of it one day. But I'll take the cuddles now.
U-Unpredictable. Just when I think I know what he's gonna do next....
E-Energy. He has so much! I wish I could harness it to power the earth!
L-Laugh. His laugh is SO cute. It makes me laugh.
On a side note, had I blogged this earlier, I wouldn't be able to tell you these cute stories! Sam was being naughty. I asked him if he wanted me to whack his seat 3 times..."I four years old. I get four whacks!" And then, the other day, Austin was trying to get him to eat, "Just take one bite?" "No, I 4 years old. I eat 4 bites of potatoes!" He just doesn't get it! I love him!

3 Hellos:

Melissa said...

He is so silly! Hard to believe the boys our boys are turning FOUR! Crazy!

Marilee said...

yay! for sam! we love him! can't wait to see the colorady crew soon!

HaLeY said...

Shelly- Read this to sam please!
Sam- Sorry it took me so long to comment!You are the cutest little boy ever! You make me laugh, and you are so cute. It was fun to go on rides with you at Sea World, and i hope to see you soon! it looks like you had a fun birthday party, i love you!
<3~ haley