Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

My li'l sis Jen tagged me. I figure I'd be a nice sis and play along....

8 TV shows I love to watch: lets hope the ones that are no longer 'on the air' count...

1. ER
2. Heroes
3. The Backyardigans...they do have a few catchy tunes, you know.
4. American Idol. I never vote but I get mad when the likes of Sanjaya hang around for so long.
5. Full house. I just love how the nice cozy music comes on when the "learning moment" starts
6. Iron Chef: mostly I thank my lucky stars I'm not a judge so I don't have to eat the stuff.
7. Food Network Challenge, especially the cake ones
8. Ace of Cakes. It's the show I watch with Livs. Dubbed "The Cake Show" by her.

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Los Hermanos. Oh, Utah, the food there comes in a close second on my list of things I miss the most.
2. Cafe Rio...I need pork. Must have PORK!!!
3. Daily Freeze. I'm a grilled cheese lover. Copying Jen here
4. The Cheesecake Factory. Currently seeking friends for a girls night out here.
5. Red Robin. Two words: Whiskey River...mmmmmm
6. Cafe Mom's....not a true restaurant, but I'd drive 8 hrs both ways to eat there!
7. Ottavio's/Tepenyaki/Glade's/Brand X Oh, Utah food, I will be there in 2 short weeks!
8. LaMar's Doghnut Shop. There are tables there and it thus qualifies as a restaurant. I love eating cinnamon rolls bigger than my head!

8 Things that happened today

1. I'm going to start my day at midnight. I woke up sure I was going to hurl. I didn't, but just as I was drifting off again....Emerson decided to join me in bed
2. Shower. Sam decided he needed one too. There's no talking this boy down in the early morning hours.
3. Dropped Aaron off at work
4. Took Sam to Preschool
5. Dropped books off at the library
6. Went to Target7. Visited a friend and explained to her she ought not use her phone when high on painkillers
8. finished my taxi?chef?mom duties and sat down for a break at the computer!

8 things that I look forward to:

2. Bedtime
3. Christmas! Shopping and all. I started listening to Christmas music before Halloween!
4. Hearing Sam sing "I Love to See the Temple" So cute!
5. Getting a rockin hair cut from Jen Jen...Razor only, por favor!
6. Getting a few bushy eyebrows waxed by my hot sister. Start the wax a-heatin, sweet cheeks!
7. Twilight. Coming soon to a theater near you!
8. Sister's night out!

8 Things on my wish list:
1. A trip to Disneyland
2. for the votes to be recounted and McCain to be the winner.
3. A hug and a kiss from my kiddos
4. To go on a trip somewhere tropical.
5. My personal Hairstylist to move to Colorady
6. I really want to find my drivers license and gym pass so I can go work out. Where ever they are, they're together!
7. to have a lifetime gift card to Gap.
8. To be gifted a beautiful fully furnished and decorated (to my liking, of course) house with a garden tub, a shower big enough to move in, and a maid.

8 People I tag:Hmmm.. let's go with:
I tag 8 people who want to be tagged. If you haven't already done this, then tag, or not. However you're feeling. I won't be offended, I promise.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Gravy! She's alive...and looking a bit off....

Happy Halloween, everyone! I've not been able to do a lot of Internet or computer things lately, so I've been lacking in the updates department. I am here to make amends and beg forgiveness with some darling pictures of a few really cute kids!

Emerson wouldn't stand still for a picture-oh, wait, she just plain doesn't stand still at all! Today during Sacrament she lifted her hand as I was passing the water over her and gave me a nice little shower. Then, my father-in-law said something in his testimony about how he'd forgotten how hard FHE with 3 little ones was. Between the 2 events I had moms and dads alike telling me life would get easier! Hooray for ill behaving children!

Sam. He is such a handsome cowboy! He is really not a scrapbookers child. He never looks directly into the camera. The lady in front of me, Sister Knight, turned around after Sacrament meeting was done and said, "He knows the agenda, doesn't he? He could conduct this meeting!" He's very vocal about when the bread and water should be arriving and just how soon afterwards he should be in Nursery. Do you think it would be wrong to take straight jackets and gags to church??

Olivia as a Pumpkin Fairy. Her whole Kindergarten class went on a parade through all the classrooms to show off their costumes. She is fairly well behaved. Her Primary teacher calls her his rock star because she is so well behaved in his class. She has a desk set up next door at Grandma Great's. They work together, sorting and piling and going through papers. 'GG' loves to have her over because she is such a big helper. Why do children act so different around other people? Olive is a good girl, don't get me wrong...but she very rarely willingly cleans or does whatever I tell her to.

I was thinking of going Goth or Emo....but I ended up Rock Star.

We went bowling after the Trunk or Treat. Aaron dressed up as a dad. Good costume, eh?

Olive and me....Fairy Princess and Scary Fairy.

My boys. I love 'em.

Other stuff worth noting:

We moved. Emerson was an excellent help! I was packing up a box of blankets and Em decided it was an excellent bed. It took a while to convince her otherwise.

Emerson tried to declare that where ever the Nesquik went, so did she. We brought it with us for fear Emers would not like storage.

Sam had Cowboy Day at Miss Patti's. We adore her!

Olivia and her mad drawing skills.

Blessed was the day Grandma Susan pulled out her costume boxes! Emerson had a blast plying in the necklaces.

We switched Olivia's school. She's now in a school that's much closer to me. Emerson doesn't care for the car so much. She screams BLOODY MURDER the whole way home. I am SO looking forward to 8 hours in the car with her come Thanksgiving!!

Is it done yet?? I just like the picture....