Monday, December 31, 2007

What a year!!

So I thought instead of doing an entry about Christmas, I'd post a little about the happenings of the madness that is the Martineau Household:
January: Miss Liv turned 4. I also had a birthday. I was still getting used to the idea of a third child joinng the family.

February: Grandma Great's Hat Party. Liv and Sam looked so cute!

March: We found out the baby was a girl!

April: Easter, Aaron's Birthday, and the Rockies game
May: School ends for Olive

June: Sam's #2 Birthday

July: Enter Jess Emerson, a visit from Nannie, life with 3 begins!

August: My sister Lindy and her family came to town, Liv started Pre K
September: We went to a sneak peak of Barbie Island Princess where Olivia met Rosella herself!, a visit from Nannie, Papa, Jen, Mar, and Kinners, Emerson's Blessing...this month deserves 2 pictures....

October: A trip to Utah to say good bye to Uncle Joe for the next 2 years, family pictures, Halloween: Olivia was Barbie Island Princess, Sam was a monkey, Emers was a banana.

November: Thanksgiving..Sam found a new love in peeling this butternut squash, potatoes, and zucchini. Even when we aren't planning on any of it for dinner.

December: Lots of Christmas stuff

Too much perhaps??

I second the motion!

Oh, the joy of little things

Things that make me sad as I post this: Look at the little baby face Olivia has in the January picture. She's getting too big! She'll be 5 tomorrow. I'm not ready for a kindergartener! I love her dearly. Although Sam keeps me on my toes, I think I'll miss these days of mischief, curiousity, and the moments, however small they are, when he shows me just how sweet the boy beneath the monster is. Emers is already going like crazy. She's getting too big. I miss the snuggles. She has recently traded cuddles for jumping on my hip. Oh, I wish i could stop time sometimes, but I can't wait to see what my little darlin's have in store for me as they grow up!

Monday, December 17, 2007

My poor little babies...

Hi there,
I would like to give a really cute update about my Christmas decor. Unfortunately, it will have to wait as Olive has Croup and I think Sam is on his way....Hopefully Emers will be spared this time.
Until the hacking is over, I bid you all farewell!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

In the land of blog....

Here I am. Entering now into a land I have only read about...and tried once, but I can't figure out my account info for my original blog. So here I will try to keep you updated about the happenings of my little family. Here's a brief intro to each of my little darlings:

Aaron: My husband and the dad. He likes cooking, plants (mostly exotic/tropical that don't grow in our climate), salt water aquariums, chick flicks (sometimes), and his family.

Olivia: The oldest in the family. She's for the most part sweet, but has small parts of sass, moodiness, and oneriness. She only recently came to the realization that moms do, in fact, toot. I loved the innocence of her thinking here, but thought I should break the news gently before someone else beat me to it.

Sam: Full of the dickens. Love him. He's all adorableness on the outside, but his little brain never stops thinking of ways to try my patience. He is sometimes obedient and will stop one destuctive behavior when told...but only long enough to think of another destructive thing to do. Troublesome child, that one.

Emerson: She's the baby. She's very sweet. Does as she's told (mostly). And is now hitting the spoiled stage-making me wish I had put her down a little more so she wasn't so angry about me putting her down now.

Me (Shelly): I am the mom of three dang cute kids. I love to read. I love to spend time with my family. I like a lot of things, really, but mostly my family. Not just my little family, but also my rather large family on both sides.

So, this is us. I'll try to update soon!