Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Sea World We Go!

Every time I come here I think I need to become a person that swims with Shamu. I guess Sea World has it's own magic. Not quite like Disneyland magic. More of a "Look what I could become" magic. Does that make sense?

Some of Olive's favorite things: The dolphins. She was amazed at them. Watching them swim, being so close. She is a nature/animal lover. She was SO brave and rode "Atlantis" with me. She screamed in terror and this ride, too, made her "tweasy".

Sam's faves: It was Brinnley. Hands down. (see upper left hand picture) Didn't matter what we were watching, as long as Brinnley was by him or, in some cases, holding hands as we walked. Brinnley is his favorite...and Parker, too.

Emmers loved the Sesame Street area. She went on the Elmo ride with Fun Aunt Jen. She sat and watched things well enough. The Sesame Street 4 D thing was probably the thing that got the most response from her..."Oh, wook at dat!"

Here's just a few fun Sea World moments. Petting the creepy looking Bat Rays, hanging with Nannie, chillin' with the cousins....good times!

3 Hellos:

jennie said...

you left out that we rode in the angelfish! i miss you and your kiddies and your ornery husband...i love ya shelly!

HaLeY said...

that was so much fun! i love the dolphins too!

Katie said...

Haven't checked your blog in FOREVER! Looks like you've been having tons of fun! Love your'd you do that? Love ya!