Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Weekend

We headed to Utah for Easter this year! After a split second decision, we packed up and headed out late Thursday afternoon. The kids were SO excited to see their cousins! Sam quickly got over his "fear" of driving through the mountains (fear because the last few trips through he has had a tendency to make it a technicolor trip)...He was saying, "I'm not gonna "trow" up, Olivia is." Thankfully, none of that happened...this trip. We played around Friday and then colored Easter Eggs with all of the cousins (35 grandkids plus a few extras!).

Olivia with her empty canvas

Aaron had SAm waiting and waiting for his eggs to "be ready". He was actually VERY patient.

Which ended up more colorful, the egg or my baby?

She may be new at this, but Emerson caught on quickly!

Sam had his priorities: first: Sixlets, second: suckers, third: eggs

Olivia and Lauren showing off their baskets.

Emerson has mixed feelings for McKinley...on one hand, she loves her...on the other, she's terrified of McKinley loving her too much!

Our Easter morning breakfast consisted of some VERY loverly Grandam Sycamore toast with cinnamon sugar on top.

Sam mostly played with his Easter Basket...then threw up, then played some more, then threw up some more.

Olivia started off her morning puking. Then more, then more, then more. So, we did the only logical thing. Packed up our car and headed for California! But, that's another post (or 10) for another day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh, whusst

She was being quiet. TOO quiet. I wondered if she had gone upstairs. I walked into the living room towards the stairs and, there she was! Olivia's library book in one hand, a pack of ball point pens in the other. She dropped them immediately and said, "Oh, whust!" Translation: Oh, whoops! Ain't nothing "whust" about drawing in a library book! She is SO adorable! Too cute to get a spankin', I walked in the other room to blog aboutit.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Orange Rolls...mmmmmm

Have I ever told you that my sweetie can cook? Well, he can. Delicious food. I am a very lucky girl! One of the family's favorite things he makes is Orange Rolls. They are heavenly. I should clarify: Heavenly when made sans raisins, of the devil when made with them. Katie, Aaron's older sister, wanted a tutorial on how to make them when her family was out here for the wedding. What a fine excuse to make them! Sorry, no professional baking pics, no recipe.

Katie and Kyle taking mental notes on technique.

Special twisty motion to put them together.

No, no, no...not yet, they must bake first.


Wanna bite? Too bad...Julie doesn't share food!!! (think Friends)

The girls weren't very interested in Orange Roll Tutorials, so they played with the pretty wedding things.