Friday, May 2, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo and Aaron's Birthday

So Esther was in town for a few days, so we arranged a day to hang out with her. The zoo! It was so crowded with field trips and families, but we had a good time!

A ride on the carousel...a bit of trivia here. The difference between a carousel and a merry go round is the direction in which they spin. One goes clockwise, the other counter clockwise...but I can't remember which is which.

Oh, look....Daddy. Te he he...I love you, Aaron, really I do!

This is Emerson's third trip to the zoo. She actually looked around

Olivia loves to carry around the maps at the zoo. Always looking out to make sure I know where I'm going. Where would I be with out her!

Then it was Aaron's birthday! We had a good day. Aaron and I tried to go swimming, but we were unsuccessful in our endeavors. Instead we went to his favorite garden shop and bought all the fixin's for a cactus garden!

We had a great day, and, even though I'm late in posting about your birthday, I still love cute ornery man.