Monday, March 23, 2009

Esther's Weddin'

Aaron's sister, Esther married Brandon on married February 19. We had a great time at the wedding and reception. Here's a few favorite pictures...

The happy couple
Watching the festivities
Way to go, Esther!
The lovely bride

Our little family
HOT SHOES! I'm the foot on the right of the bride'sSam and one* of his ladies

The exhaustion sets in

*Yes, ONE of his ladies. He has his own harem.

Valentine's Breakfast

So, I'm really far behind. No excuses, really. I just thought that since I gave my sister a hard time about no updates....I should update!

Valentine's. Aaron and I prefer hanging out with the kids over a night alone, so we took them to The Original Pancake House for breakfast on Vday. We did, however, forget our children's aversions to eating food faces...

The blog thing is being weird and showing text instead of pictures in the composing part, so...Emerson....she's a ham. Sam, really liked the looks of his pancakes man, and ate his nose, mouth, and eyes...but not much else. Liv, ornery as ever refusing to say cheese, contemplating how to get out of eating the pancake man.