Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It Looks Like Time for an Update!

Wow. What a busy month! Preschool, a trip to Utah, a wedding, a couple of crazy kiddos destroying everything I clean, a house full of family. Life gets crazy sometimes! I think I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Olivia was SO happy to see her friends in Utah! Unfortunately, we can't fit all 500 of them in one picture with enough detail for you to see, so Megan and Gracie will represent.
Mike and Ashley were married in the SLC Temple. Esther watched the kids and snapped this shot while Aaron and I went inside.
Aaron loves that sister of his!
Sam taking advantage of a public setting to up his intake of sugar....
WATCH IT! IT'S AN ALIEN WITH FLOWER -LIKE EYES!!! or my loverly sister Jill.

Oh, look who made it for the wedding! It's Joey! All the way from Costa Rica!

Liv with the newlyweds!

Welcome to the family! All my sisters minus Amy.

What an exhausting day! No place better to rest than Grandpa's lap. He gives a killer back scratch!

The hottie boys in their tuxedos.

Sam working off the above mentioned sugar in a field behind my sister's house. Wide open spaces. Love it!

Starting plants for the garden.
Olivia passed of the alphabet in preschool. She knows all the letters and their sounds....What a smarty! (Olivia edits here: Smarty pants, you mean!)
We celebrated her accomplishment with cupcakes!

We decided it's time for Emerson to start pulling her weight around the house. Her new chore is dishwasher duty.

Nannie and Olivia in their matching shirts...ready to eat at IHOP!

Emers and me with Ty and Amy

Kennedy, Sadie, and Makade

Fun in the sandbox=fun in the tub! Sam, TJ, and Parker

Jared making a fashion statement. Nice.
Aaron played the role of Cinderella, he did the ironing for the whole house! Thanks, dude!

Emmy wants to join the fun!

A handsome family, if I do say so myself!

My dear brothers, Jared-the would be victim, and Jonny- the carrot wielding mad man.

Poor tired baby Tjers!

Kensie and me

The happy couple (at least Ashley is anyways...)

josh is a lady magnet. Too bad it's just his cousins!

Liv and her buddies: Megan and Lauren.

Megan took a great picture of Livvy Lou and me.

Getting ready for a sleep over!

Nannie spent a good part of her morning consoling Olivia. she was crying hard that everyone was leaving. Maybe they should come back soon!

My house was busting at the seams, but we loved it! Aaron made some fabulous pizza on Friday, IHOP made some great breakfast for us on Saturday, and, again, Aaron wowed the crowd with some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches! I would gladly welcome such madness in my house again! I heart my family...every last one of 'em!