Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6 things...

My friend Pam tagged me. I wasn't even in town, and yet, I was tagged.

I'm supposed to describe myself in 6 words. I've been thinking I might describe myself in 12. Six the way I see myself, and 6 the way I want/hope/think others see me.

The way I see myself (please read with a bit of humor):

1. Hilarious...I crack myself up!
2. Pretty in a Catherine Zeta-Jones sort of way.
3. Biker Chick (the kind that has pedals) I may not be very good, but I do like a good bike ride.
4. Fashionable in a sorta I-spend-my-money-making-my-kids-look-cute-so-I-never-buy-anything-for-myself way.
5. Amazing Cook/Chef. I have no less (and no more) than 3 knock your socks off recipes. Most of them include chocolate.
6. Fabulous Singer. I will, regardless of the embarassment my children may endure, continue to sing loudly in the car. I sound just as good as those folk on the radio.

The way others may or may not see me:

1. Sister. At least 16 of my real life sisters see me this way, hopefully a few more.
2. Mommy. To my three....and counting....so just kidding. We've stopped counting (for now).
3. Wife.
4. Quick Witted. The unfortunate thing here is that I rarely hold back on the things that pop into my head. I should learn to edit.
5. Friend. I'm a bit quiet before I get to know someone, but then have a hard time quieting myself after I get to know them.
6. Messy. Let's face it. I'm not so organized. I try to keep things clean, but I have 3 or 4 strikes against me: Olivia, Sam, Emerson, and their father.

Now, I get to pick 5 people to tag. You don't have to do 12. Refer to Pam's blog to see how you're really supposed to do it....

Jennie, Erika, Meredith, Jan, and Leia.....YOU'RE IT!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I thought that this one would be fun to look back on memories. Here are the rules:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

This is from my little sisters blog, and I thought it looked fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Top 10 Reasons We Love Jennie:

Olivia and I were reading Jennie's blog. She's awfully sweet writing all that nice stuff about us. We didn't even have to pay her to do it! We thought we would tell you why we love her!

#1. Because when I got my hair cut it was my first hair cut from her. (From Olivia) She thinks it rocks that Jen cuts her hair. She wants another trim. I think it rocks that she's going to school, I want to call it Beauty School...but I think there's a more PC title for it these days..

#2. I love Jen because she now has the rockin' wardrobe and she shares with her sister who, since having kids and using her dollars to dress them cute, is challenged in the fashion area.

Jen, Emerson, Marilee and McKinley

#3. Liv's turn again: Because I....Because, ummmm....I just love her!

Olivia and Jen at the Downtown Aquarium

#4. Because she has flown out here to turn around and drive to Utah with me! And along the way introduced me to the music from "Wicked". Thanks for that, now even Liv sings "Popular" and "What is This Feeling".....cute facial expressions and all!

#5. She likes the same movies I do. I love that she plays the movie line game with me. Especially lines from "Much Ado About Nothing".....which reminds me, "What my dear lady disdain. Are you yet living?" or, or, or, or "I would that my horse had the speed of your tongue!"

Speaking of movies, here's Jen doing her best Rufio impression. With my handsome nephew Spencer and me.

#6. From Liv: That she teaches me songs on the guitar. And sings with me. And likes to have fun with me.

#7. I love that she teaches me fun new hair for my kids. Sam rocked a fohawk (see photo below)when he was but a smallish bear thanks to her!

Jen and Sam....Sam's first Fohawk.

#8. I think it's fun that there was an audible gasp when I introduced her in Relief Society. Yes, yes. We've been told we look alike. No, we are not twins....good grief, have you seen her eyes? I would LOVE to have her eyes!

#9. 2 words: interpretive dancing. It's fab and it CRACKS ME UP! Especially when it's done in fabulous outfits.

Jen and Jan tearing up the asphalt at the good ol' band concert

#10. She's hilarious. She can fart and burp with the big boys. She has excellent wit. She makes me giggle. I miss Jen. I love her to bits!

At the Sacramento Temple for Maya

Honorable mentions that someone other than Jen might not understand: Night ensembles. The "wow' face. The reaching over and grasping of hands so as not to bust up laughing at inappropriate times. The movie collection. Introducing me to one Edward Cullen. Barb. Auntu Bethu. The Sea Urchin Dress.....please tell me you'll put this one on for me when I see you next.

I heart you, Jen!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Independence Day Celebrating....

Here's a few fun pictures from our 4th:

We had the traditional fried chicken for our festivities. Olivia opted against the chicken and asked for mac and cheese. The one bigger than the size she gets in the laptop meal. Aaron ordered the biggest one available for her. Happy girl!

So he's upside down. He's still cute and I'm too lazy to fix it. Sam wanted a cheeseburger instead of chicken. Thank goodness for KFC/A&W restaurants.

I think she's lovely. Getting comfy for the show.
Aaron thought it would be a fantastic idea to get the little man a large tube of sugar. Hmmmm. Sam actually quite enjoyed pouring it into his hands and then dumping it out, watching it blow in the wind. Made him sticky and got sugar all over the place. Next time, I'm in charge of buying the snacks.

Olivia and her Mac 'n cheese smile.

Aaron laid down and put his hat over his face for a nap. Emerson thought it was a fun game of Peek-a-Boo. Such a little doll.

The Jones family spread their blankets next to ours. Liv and Sam had so much fun sharing their sugar sticks and treat with Macey and Connor.

The next night (July 4th) we went to breakfast at Grandma Susan and Grandpa Dean's house and then we watched the fireworks with Adin and Grandma Susan. The kids were SO excited to go with Grandma!

Olivia and Grandma Susan

Sam isn't a huge fan of the fireworks. He mostly hid but would look up when I said I saw an orange firework. That boy LOVES orange!

Emerson, on the other hand, thought the fireworks were great!

Emerson had the best seat in the house. I think this sums up how we all felt when we sat down in the car.