Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

Feeling a little too lazy to type out the whole day! Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun December stuff...the BIG day not included....

Olivia is loves to practice writing and sounding out words. She wrote me this poem.
I love you mom
be happy in your heart
there is love in hearts
I think she's amazing!
The little sweetie all bundled up for the Zoo Lights! A vendor that Aaron works with takes his group to the Zoo Light every year....and they feed us, too!

Little Miss Emerson ready to roll through the zoo!

My Mr. Sam-man. He's adorably troublesome and sweet and hard headed.

Zoo Lights!!

We did a little FHE Gingerbread Night. No Gospel principles were taught here, although I'm sure we could have talked about how our homes should be sanctuaries from the world....hey, I think I've got something for next year...

Sam's Candyland Masterpiece

OK, so technically it was in November, but Olivia's Kindergarten had a Western Day. They danced in the gym for us with their 3rd grade buddies.

This is Sam sitting next to me playing on his computer. He cracks me up!

Holy in need of an update, Batman!

Wow. I'm behind, I know it. I figure if Amy can jump back on the bandwagon, so can I!!! Let's start off slowly with Thanksgiving....

Wednesday the 26th we packed our car and headed to Utah! We only got about 20 miles into the trip before our car wigged out and we turned around to come home! Thanksgiving Day, bright (or dark) and early (about 3 am) we drove Grandma Great's car to Utah. Sam got car sick from watching the trees go by in the dark and lost what smallish amount he had in his tummy about an hour into it. The kids slept nicely through about Grand Junction and we made it to Payson with just enough time to change out of our traveling clothes and get to dinner!

We had a great time catching up playing with all the cousins for the rest of the day. Then, the sisters got together and planned a wild and crazy day of shopping for the next day! Lindy, Jill, Jennie and I decided to go Walmart to scope things out at about midnight. Lindy and Jill decided to stay all night at the lovely establishment whilst Jennie and I went home to sleep (12:45 am). The rest of the shopping party joined Lindy and Jill at about 4:30-45. We stayed out for the better part of the day! We went from Wallyworld to Shopko to Target to Toys R Us to the mall to Cafe Rio!!! Oh, Cafe Rio, I would go on many a crazy shopping day to enjoy a nice Pork burrito there. I went home to catch some zzzz's whilst the other ladies sallied forth with their elfish behavior. I think that night we went to Twilight, but then again, it could have been Saturday night.

Saturday morning we had a family Christmas Party where we had a knock down drag out Gingerbread House Decorating competition. It was fun! And Santa came. And kids cried. Not Sam though. He was content to avoid eye contact, grab his candy and get out.

So, these are two of the very few pictures I took this weekend. What a bad scrapbooker I am.

We went to church Sunday and drove home on Monday. It was a great, crazy, exhausting trip!