Friday, March 14, 2008

The Incident...

So, due to my mom's luggage being flown somewhere other than Utah, we were in a panic to get the dresses for Olivia and Emerson to wear to Mike's wedding (she brought them out for the girls to try on). So on Monday morning I ran to Park Meadows with my friend Meredith. We completed our shopping and started out to the car to go pick Liv up from preschool. Here's where the drama begins. Sam sees the little square handicap buttons that you push to open the doors. As he is used to racing Olivia to them, he breaks away from me running in front of Meredith, who is almost to the door. He tripped on a stroller wheel and whacked his noggin on the door. Screaming commences, tears flow, damage is assessed. I pick him up to hug him better. Oh, my. Look at his head. No blood...yet. It's all white and in my mind I think " Oh crap! I see his Skull!" I was always one for dramatics...Well, the one thought I had that was right was that he required stitches. So ther I stood in the Macy's shoe deptartment. Sam in my arms crying, Emerson in the stroller crying, and me trying not to cry. His head started bleeding. I was unprepared for such an incident and didn't have a band aid. Meredith and I were trying to figure out what to do when the shoe man came and asked if we needed attention. The MOD was called for first aid supplies. Meredith called Aaron to inform him of the event and then took the two babies to the car. I stuck the bandaid on the boys head and booked it to the car. We called the doctor's office with one question: Should we come there or go to the hospital?? And received the response: The triage nurse will call you back. Well, as I suspected, we were at the doctor's office before the nurse called back. Meredith was nice enough to offer to drive the kids around while I ran inside to see what to do. The doctor's office it was. After 2 massive syringes full of either water and alcohol or saline, we saw the doctor. Since the cut is perfectly straight, they used glue to fix Sam up. He cried a little. They told us to keep an eye on him for concussion stuff and sent us on our way. I am so glad Meredith was there. She was a lifesaver for me and I am happy to say I made it through my first emergency type situation with no tears from myself. I think I did quite well. Now, let's just hope I can do the same when faced with large amounts of blood, broken bones, and more serious things!! Here's some pictures:

Sam is doing great. No signs of anything else. Hates to wear bandaids on his head. He keeps doing this funny raised forehead thing because of the glue. I think he's bonked his head a hundred more times since Monday, everytime I wince for him and hope it doesn't send me back to the doctor's office!

Emerson wanted to be his head wound buddy. She took a digger. Look between her eyes for the damage!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So, this past weekend we had a few very welcome and very loved visitors! My mom and dad and brother, Mike, stayed at our house, and Mike's fiancee' was here also, but stayed with her family. This is the happenings of a very fun weekend!
Everyone got to the house Friday around 1:00 p.m. Olivia and Sam busied themselves about playing, wrestling, tickling, and, in Sam's case, pulling all the Care Bears, blocks, and miscellanious goods to the living room to show Nannie and Papa. So much for cleaning the house!!
We decided to head to the mall for a bit o' retail therapy and so the kids could see the puppy's just like the zoo, only FREE!! While there, we decided on a plan for action for the evening: Red Robin (delish!) and the Downtown Aquarium! Here's a few pictures from the aquarium:

He is SO handsome!

Nannie and friends!

My brave Olivia decided to touch a sting ray. Sam tried, but mostly got wet!

Olivia and Ashley inside a tank.

The real reason for the visit was so we could go with Ashley to the Denver Temple. It was so nice to be able to do that with my family. It's been a long time since I have been able to go to the temple with my parents and any sibling. I loved it!

Their children are going to have the bluest eyes.

Anyhoo, they left Sunday morning to go home. I'm so excited to go back to Utah for the weddin'! I can't wait to see all my brothers and sisters and their families! I'll see you guys soon!