Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sad Day For Sam's Mom

Well,then. It's been a while since I posted multiple pictures and I forgot the rules of selecting them in opposite order of how you want them. So, the bottom pic is first in chronological order.

Yesterday was a big day for Sam. It was his very last day of being a preschooler. Which, and this is the sad part for the mom, means he's a Kindergartner.

Sam's first day of preschool, and the following weeks, were rough for my little man. This is a little boy who never fully realized Nursery and the fun that could be had there. He much preferred the company of his parents and only started to go, without the teachers bringing me a tantrum throwing child, when he turned 3. He got 6 months of Nursery time. He started preschool just 3 months after he turned three, which meant separation anxiety was in full throttle and I had a broken heart leaving a sobbing child to Miss Patti's fabulous care. After a few weeks of this, it got better, but he still needed 3 hugs and three kisses before I could go and then he'd run to the window to watch me and make sure I signed "I love you" to him.

What a difference a year makes. this year, he could care less for my proximity to him. He runs from the car to the door of preschool, sometimes without so much as a "Bye, Mom!", or "Love ya, Mom!" or "I need a 3 hugs and 3 kisses." He doesn't watch for me to sign "I love you" to him. He's far to busy with his friends and Miss Patti...or kissing the "prettiest girl in class", Tess. Yeah, that's right. I'm already freaking out about later years.

Sam and Miss Patti on Cowboy day, 2009

You know what I'll miss the most? The time I have with him in the car, just after preschool. The boy cracks me up with his craziness anyways, but sometimes, the things he'd tell me about what he learned kept me smiling ALL day long.

First day of school, 2009...yep, he's my handsomest Sam

One day, Sam got in the car and I asked him what he learned about. "Giraffes" was his reply. "Oh, cool. What do they do?", I asked. His response, and it really shows you what he's most interested in, "they go down, bend down to get a drink of water. And the an alligator CHOMPS OFF HIS NECK!" So, of all the wonderful things Miss Patti told him about giraffes, THIS is what he gets from it. What a boy!
Drawing with an orange marker...not surprising

I also love the songs he sings. Although, I can never let him know I'm listening. Just after his first program, for the three year old class, Miss Patti was SO happy that he sang. He never sings at rug time, she told me. Well, he sings all day long at home! A few weeks ago, he was sitting at the table eating lunch. He looked up at me and said, "If you bet your bottom dollar, there will be sun." And then when back to eating. "Annie" songs are always good to learn.

Cowboy Day
They learned a song about lying in class a while back. It's one of my favorite songs to tease him about. One day, while we were riding in the car with the whole family, Aaron was telling me about the side effects of an herbal pill he took. His face was red and hot, he was felt like his head was going to explode, those sorts of wonderful things. Sam asked from the back seat "Did you tell a lie, Dad?" Because in the song it says "Your face gets hot and turns bright red, da duh. And your heart will start to thump in your throat will get a lump."
First day of preschool, 2008

I love Miss Patti. She loves the kids in her classes. One day, I won't have any more little kids to send to her class. That will be a sad day for me. That day is not here yet. Emerson starts in the Fall!

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determinedkaty said...

So so so glad you're blogging again - I love reading about your family that lives so very ver very far away from us ... but it's nice to enjoy their antics thru your blog. Thanks!
(Love Mr Sam-the-Man! Love him!)

Marilee said...

I really like Sam! He is so handsome and I love all the stories... especially the one where the alligator chomps on the giraff... :)